Amber Rose has an album coming out? #WhyTho

So ughhhh yea, you read correctly.  Billboard caught up with ol Amber on the red carpet at the Soul Train music awards and apparently Ms. Rose is working on an album that will feature her singing and rapping *covers mouth to hide my snickers*. I’m sorry, but I will not be checking for that LP…especially since it will be more so house and club music. The thought alone sends my mind into a frenzy because I’m trying to figure out why! Why Why Why is she trying to get into the music industry? I mean maybe she thinks that shes screwed enough rappers, thats she’s good enough to be one *yea i said it*, i don’t know, but either way, I don’t want no parts of that mess! And although I haven’t heard what she’s capable of, I just think she needs to stay in her lane of being a little social butterfly, and leave the singing and rapping to folks that naturally possess the talent. She should focus more so on her sunglasses line…now THAT, I’m looking forward to!

Check out the video below of Amber discussing her plans regarding her music


2 thoughts on “Amber Rose has an album coming out? #WhyTho

  1. Ummmm just because you can make sentences rhyme doesn’t mean you can rap…I bet Whiz’ll have a heavy hand in this debacle!

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