O_O What’s this? Luda goes Country??

Well not totally, Ludacris performed the country/hip-hop duet single “Dirt Road Anthem” (remix) with country singer Jason Aldean at the Grammy Nominations Concert last night. But surprisingly that odd genre collaboration wasn’t half bad. Now I did trip out a little bit when I heard the country singer start rapping *covers mouth to hide my snickers* but he held it down though! However, when Ludacris hopped on the guitar, that’s when I asked Jesus to take the wheel. Granted I don’t think he was ‘actually’ playing the guitar, more so just giving the illusion, but either way I threw my hands up at the mere sight! But any hoot, here is the video below…enjoy =)


2 thoughts on “O_O What’s this? Luda goes Country??

  1. you and that word “but” lol…you didn’t need it AT ALL in this post – I actually think it takes away from your remarks. Almost like your rambling vs putting out well thought out comments

  2. …Whoops! Clicked reply before i finished. I liked your word and phrase choices (besides that damn but word lol). As you know I’m not “hip”. Out of curiosity – does anyone care about what ludacris and this guy are doing?

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