Charlamagne goes innnnn on Natalie Nunn

“You’re known as the loud-mouth, big-chin chick from the ‘Bad Girls Club’…I just don’t understand why chicks like you are famous… You’re the definition of a woman who has no talent. You’re the reason that all these chicks are running to these reality shows,” Charlamagne blasts back at Ms. Nunn while she visited Power 105.1. Natalie did throw the first stone however, by calling him “the definition of a b*tch a*s guy” which set Charlamagne off!

In her defense to Charlamagne’s attack, she explains she has a degree from USC, was on the US Olympic Soccer team, and sums her decision to do the Bad Girl’s Club as “At the end of the day, I’ve been able to take the whole ‘Bad Girls Club’ brand and brand it into Natalie Nunn’s name.” Needless to say Charlamagne wasn’t tryna hear that, he goes on to say “I think she’s a terrible depiction of females on TV and she encourages other chicks to be basic b*tches and her story of going to college only to graduate and be on ‘Bad Girls’ is dumb as hell”

Touche’ Charlamagne, but you can’t knock the girl’s hustle…she took those 15 mins of fame and made them 30, in additional to making some money, so hey, more power to her. But note to self…stay off of Charlamagne’s bad side, my goodness!

If you’re interested in the Full Natile Nunn Interview, please have at it!


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