Really? -__- Khloe Kardashian being sued for assualt??

So not only is Khloe being sued for assault, but she’s being sued by a transgender woman *how you doing*, and to top it off, the incident took place a little over 2 years ago! Apparently one night outside of Playhouse nightclub in Hollywood, Chantel Spears was speaking to Khloe’s husband Lamar about her thinking he was too young to be married and out of no where Khloe comes from behind and shoves him/her. Chantel tells TMZ at the time of the incident “All I was telling Lamar Odom is maybe he is too young to get married, and all of a sudden I get this big push from this girl….she hit me. She pushed me and hit me. [Security] didn’t say nothing. It was her. She looked in my face. I tried to get her and she pushed me again.”

Now somewhere amongst all the pushing and shoving a blow was thrown that landed ‘in or about him/her’s body’ which resulted in injuries, hence the lawsuit. Not sure how sever these injuries were but I’m sure they couldn’t have been THAT bad, you’re talking about a woman vs. a man for pete’s sake. Granted Khloe is a little bit on the big and burly side, she still couldn’t have done that much damage. And if I were  Mr. Chantel, (being as though he is still male and what not) I would have thrown her a quick stiff bow and kept it moving, but of course ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #ThatsJustMe.


One thought on “Really? -__- Khloe Kardashian being sued for assualt??

  1. Kudos to Mr Chantel for giving such sound advise! A 30 year old, grown ass, kids having sports star IS way too young to get married….siiiike gtf outta here! You was tryna creep and you got that ass served. Now run tell that!

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