$100 Million Dollar Law Suit?!?! Good Lawd That’s Alot Of Money!!!

Poor Beyonce, can not catch a break. If it ain’t the media bashing her baby bump or questioning her pregnancy, she’s got a mofo with their hand in her pocket trying to steal her riches *side eyes to Matthew Knowles*. This time around, it isn’t daddy Knowles that’s trying to fatten his pockets, instead it’s video gaming company Gate Five who is suing King Bey for a whopping $100 million dollars for backing out of a game deal she agreed to, back in June 2010.

According to ‘The Boombox,’ the game was to be called “Starpower: Beyonce,” then somewhere along the lines, the star wanted a new deal.  She eventually pulled out all together, costing 70 staff members to be out of work and the company a combined total of $107 million dollars from investment and potential profit from the project. Judge Charles Ramos, of the Manhattan Supreme Court, granted Gate Five permission to continue with the lawsuit after denying Beyonce’s request to have the case thrown out.

Smh….talk about ‘mo money, mo problems’ Sheeesh!


2 thoughts on “$100 Million Dollar Law Suit?!?! Good Lawd That’s Alot Of Money!!!

  1. Yikes..sounds like Bey fucked up…and sorry nothing against her but I don’t believe she’s pregnant…i need to literally see it slide out…but hey however you choose to have kids its your business and I hope your surrogate delivers a healthy bundle of joy!

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