Well Didn’t Vivica A. Fox Come To Her Senses!

“Unfortunately, things just didn’t work out and  I had the courage to end things before we jumped the broom…and wasted a lot of money!”

Vivica Fox states as she shares details behind her dissolved engagement with ‘Access Hollywood Live’ host Billy Bush and Kit Hoover. She goes on to say

“Some times I just think, that when you’re successful, you just have to make sure that they’re coming at you with real intentions and that means to take the time to get to know them for real and make sure they’re not dating you as the celebrity, but they’re dating you as the person. I mean you are who you are if you are a celebrity and that does make it a little more difficult to make sure that person isn’t trying to marry you….for a shopping spree!”

*snaps* I know that’s right Frankie (yes, I still address her by her ‘Set It Off’ character name)! Bout time she got her head on straight and realized she was nothing more than a sugar mamma to young man she was engaged to. Hope this is a lesson to all you cougars out there, Stella may get her groove back but best believe it doesn’t end ‘happily ever after’ O-K?!


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