Hoes Be Winning…but NOT This Hoe!

Some women are always looking for a come up, and will do anything to get it, even if that means accusing a man of rape. That was the case for Los Angles Lakers player Devin Ebanks, when a woman went to the police and told them Ebanks took her home from a nightclub one night and “forcibly penetrated [her] vagina with his penis five to ten times.”

TMZ is reporting that police informed them, that in an attempt to get Ebanks to merely admit they had intercourse, the woman sent him a text message stating that she had an STD, which was a #Fail because Ebanks did not bite the bait. Once results of the woman’s sexual assault exam revealed no foreign DNA, the L.A. County District Attorney dismissed her case against Ebanks for lack of credible evidence.

So again I say, hoes be winning…but not this hoe! She got her just dessert…not a damn thing!


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