Say It Ain’t So…Mystikal Signs With Cash Money

First Busta Rhyme signs to Cash Money, then Juicy J signs to Wiz Khalifa’s Taylor Gang, now Mystikal has joined the band wagon of sell outs! Former No Limit Soldier Mystikal is elated to join the growing roster over at Cash Money, he says “It has been a truly long time since I have felt like a rapper and with this signing, and partnership, Birdman and Slim have given me my life as a rapper back.”

Mystikal has just released his new single ‘Original’ featuring Lil Wayne and Birdman and is currently working on his new album which is due out this Spring. Boss man Baby says “It is an honor to get the opportunity to work with Mystikal, as we have a long history together. He is a great artist and his talent, combined with our hard work and strong team, is going to result in some of the best music of his career. We are expecting great work from Mystikal. Slim and I already have him in the studio working on his first album for Cash Money.”

I am really pulling for Mystikal’s success because he is extremely talented, it’s just a bit disheartening to see such a vet sign with a label that has a roster full of artist that get no play. Cash Money cares about nobody but Wayne, Nicki, and Drake…all other artist are non motherf*ckin factors and I fear he will fall in the same boat. Good luck to him on that dick head move he just pulled.

Check out his new single and let me know if you think Mystikal still got it!


One thought on “Say It Ain’t So…Mystikal Signs With Cash Money

  1. Speak of the devil…

    The sad part is bitches will be all over these two (referring back to Gucci Mane) me old fashioned but that just disgusts me. Let it be some broke dude and bitches would be ready to lynch they ass (come to think of it the way most of these thirsty, man-crazy chickenheads are they probably wouldn’t).
    As far as the song:
    It’s aight..not really feeling it. Sounds like a Drake beat (actually like a few beats we have heard before). Thought they would have a banger as the first you have heard from this dude buy hey what do I know.

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