Check It Out…Take a Sneak Peek at Episode 5 of “Love & Hip-Hop”

VH1 has released a 7+ minute, sneak peek video, of this upcoming episode of “Love  & Hip-Hop.” Episode 5 airs Monday Night at 8pm, and although there is no hair pulling, eye gauging brawl going on, it does seem pretty juicy!

*If you can watch the video and DON’T want me to spoil it for you, check out the clip here on VH1s website. If you can’t watch the video but curious to know what’s going on, then read on.*

From the looks of things Teairra Mari (which I’m not sure why she’s still being featured on the show–I’m so over her) tries to set up a little mini double date with her, her guy friend, his brother, and Emily. Emily was being all dry at first (as usual) but finally softened up and agreed to the date.

Momma Jones is in the process of doing her music video for her hot new track “Psychotic Bitch” -______- and wants Jimmy and Chrissy to be in the video (lol i know right, the nerve). The clip doesn’t show whether either of them reached a decision regarding the cameo appearances, but I’m sure Jimmy will do it…that’s his momma!

Kimbella just can’t get the hint that it’ll be a cold day in hell before Chrissy apologizes to her for the fight at Emily’s little hotel party shindig. She sits with Olivia and Yandy over dinner to continue her rant on how she has just got to get her apology!

Olivia seems like she just can’t catch a break, flopping single, no record deal, and now no manager. Well that’s what appears to soon be the case for her.  The fella who’s been footing the bill on getting Olivia’s career back on track is through with it! Such sad news for her but hopefully she will get the hint that maybe she should consider venturing into a different field of work, because singing isn’t cutting it =/.

Watch the full episode this coming Monday night at 8pm.


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