Say What Say Huh: Vanessa Bryant Files For Divorce!

I guess that 8-caret, 4 million dollar diamond ring Kobe bought her has lost its shimmer because finally, Vanessa is through with Kobe’s cheating. According to TMZ, the filing took place on Saturday noting “irreconcilable differences” after Vanessa learned from a number of basketball wives, of his constant infidelity. A source tells TMZ that “Kobe desperately wants to win Vanessa back and will do whatever it takes to save their 10 1/2 year marriage.”

Now that is flipping amazing to me considering he has agreed to pay spousal support…not too sure what method of ‘saving the marriage’ that is but god speed to him. And may the force be with his ass because there is NO PRENUP! Looks like Vanessa will be *in my rap voice* ‘talking half of everything but taking all his money’ lmao!!!  Vanessa is also seeking full custody of their two daughters but allowing Kobe visitation rights.

All’s well that ends well I guess. Hopefully this divorce will be quick and painless so the two of them can get on with their lives.


One thought on “Say What Say Huh: Vanessa Bryant Files For Divorce!

  1. PUHLEEAAASSEE…that heifer was just waiting for the 10 year mark so she could get a big ass slice of that pie…and the call us gold diggers…these bitches are getting it for real!!

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