-___- Really Tho???

Ok, so I was just doing my 1-2 thing on twitter yesterday, and as I twatched my timeline I saw my homegirl @ComputaLuv retweet a photo from her friend @r_a_i_s_a saying:

-_- Tell Dena Check marks are for Grading not Eyebrows

Now would you all please meet Dena…

I freaking DIED when I saw this pic, @ComputaLuv is a fool! Now I’m not sure if Dena is a woman or a queen…you be the judge, but either way, those eyebrows are out of line!!!


Check It Out…Take a Sneak Peek at Episode 5 of “Love & Hip-Hop”

VH1 has released a 7+ minute, sneak peek video, of this upcoming episode of “Love  & Hip-Hop.” Episode 5 airs Monday Night at 8pm, and although there is no hair pulling, eye gauging brawl going on, it does seem pretty juicy!

*If you can watch the video and DON’T want me to spoil it for you, check out the clip here on VH1s website. If you can’t watch the video but curious to know what’s going on, then read on.*

From the looks of things Teairra Mari (which I’m not sure why she’s still being featured on the show–I’m so over her) tries to set up a little mini double date with her, her guy friend, his brother, and Emily. Emily was being all dry at first (as usual) but finally softened up and agreed to the date.

Momma Jones is in the process of doing her music video for her hot new track “Psychotic Bitch” -______- and wants Jimmy and Chrissy to be in the video (lol i know right, the nerve). The clip doesn’t show whether either of them reached a decision regarding the cameo appearances, but I’m sure Jimmy will do it…that’s his momma!

Kimbella just can’t get the hint that it’ll be a cold day in hell before Chrissy apologizes to her for the fight at Emily’s little hotel party shindig. She sits with Olivia and Yandy over dinner to continue her rant on how she has just got to get her apology!

Olivia seems like she just can’t catch a break, flopping single, no record deal, and now no manager. Well that’s what appears to soon be the case for her.  The fella who’s been footing the bill on getting Olivia’s career back on track is through with it! Such sad news for her but hopefully she will get the hint that maybe she should consider venturing into a different field of work, because singing isn’t cutting it =/.

Watch the full episode this coming Monday night at 8pm.

NEW MUSIC: Ashanti Featuring Busta Rhymes ~ “The Woman You Love”

Ashanti comes out of the music wood works, dropping her new single “The Woman You Love,” featuring Busta Rhymes. Not too sure if this is directed at anyone in particular *side eyes to Nelly* but one things for sure, she’s tired of trying to be “The Woman You Love.” This is definitely a song women will be able to relate to, and I am some what feeling it!

I say ‘some what’ because, to me, Ashanti is singing out of her vocal range and way too hard ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #ThatsJustMe. Love the lyrics, no doubt, just would prefer someone else sings them =/.  But don’t let my feelings stop you from enjoying the song, check out her new single and let me know what you think.

“Basketball Wives” Star Tami Roman Getting Sued!

Tami Roman from VH1’s “Basketball Wives” is being sued by her former manager, Jerry Silverhardt. Jerry is suing Tami for breach of their verbal agreement which supposedly involved him receiving 10% of her earnings from the show, because according to him, he is the prime reason she was even cast.

TMZ reports that Jerry claims he was paid for Season 2 of the show, but was fired when Tami decided to end their business relationship but refused to pay him for Season 3. Jerry further claims he in entitled to 10% of Tami’s earnings all the way through Season 6.

Now I’m not really sure where they do that at, but I do believe that, typically, when you’re fired, your job no longer pays you, right? None of my jobs did. So I wonder why he feels like he should be…guess it pays to read that fine print!

I Love Me Some Jezzy! I Do I Do I Do I Do I Do!!!

Young Jeezy took the stage at Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to perform “Lose My Mind” and his latest single “I Do,” from his new up coming album, “Thug Motivation 103: Hustlerz Ambition.”

Jeezy looked especially delicious performing “I Do,” I really felt he was rapping straight to me! Check out his performance and make sure you pick up his “Thug Motivation 103: Hustlerz Ambition,”  hits stores December 20th.

-__- Really Tho?

So as I was walking to the train station after work, I decided to take a slight little mini tour around the block since my train wasn’t coming for another 20 minutes. As I bent the corner and approached the intersection of 9th and G Street downtown, I noticed an establishment with a patriotic awning. It definitely caught my attention, so I asked myself, “Self, what could this place be?” So I walks over, read the sign, peer through the windows and lo and behold what do I see? The establishment was using space heaters to warm up the place! Now I won’t say no names *side eyes to the staff at DC Chamber of Commerce Tourist Information Center * but they need to get that together!!! *singing* YOU KNOW YOU GHETTO!!!

T.I. To Drop A New Mixtape On New Years Day!

As the ball drops at midnight, so will T.I.’s new mixtape “F*ck Da City Up.” Tip (look how I called him Tip like we’re good good friends or something) took to twitter to announce the decision by saying “Breaking News! Its official…I’m puttin out a mixtape midnight Jan.1 2012 called #Fuckdacityup Wanna be the 1st thing yall hear nxt year. When da ball drop…We drop!!!! Out wit da old,in wit da TRUE!!!! Atown…. Weeee Baaaaaack!!!!!”

I am super excited about the mixtape, T.I. is one of my favorite rappers so I am really looking forward to the release. T.I.’s  8th album “Trouble Man” is still in the works and has no set release date but I shall keep you all posted once it is.